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Upcoming Downtime
04-04-2011, 10:09 PM,
Upcoming Downtime

There will be a period of downtime tomorrow. Here's the details as emailed:

Quote:Dear Customer,

We received this from the Colo4 Network people just now. This is happening tonight at 5AM CDT (13:30 hours from right now). The good news is this should start alleviating the issues we have been having with the DDoS attacks, although not fully until they rollout their entire Juniper border routers. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at Sorry for the short notice. There was a mixup and we were not notified until just now. --- A new border router will also be installed on the Colo4 Premium Network. This may result in one or more brief periods of suboptimal routing for some customers using the Premium Network. This notification is being sent to all customers utilizing the Premium Network, which also includes all VPS, Shared Hosting, and Dedicated Server clients. Once again, we apologize for the short notice.
We appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

Don't worry, we'll be back afterwards!

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