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Bit Heroes
07-26-2018, 04:07 PM,
Bit Heroes
Bit Heroes is a FUN Mobile/Steam/Flash game that i got into a month ago, and haven't been able to put it down since!!

It's a MMO RPG:
You create your own hero, gather new gear and items to boost your skills and stats, as well as have pets, mounts, and enemies you can get to HELP you called Familiars.

*Quests- You set out with yourself and 2 familiars (once obtained), and fight through mini flag dungeons; once you beat a few small flag dungeons you get to run a BIG dungeon with harder enemies and a boss. In the BIGGER dungeons you can opt to bring your familiars as per usual, or bring Friends/Guildmates heroes into your party to help.

*PVP- Basically going againts other players, but with AI controlling their team. You can only bring familiars to help you in PVP, and depending on the event it could be 2 or even 4 you can bring to help fight.

*Gauntlet- Series of enemies wave after wave; again you can only bring familiars with you here.

*Trials- Dungeons of unique sorting with enemies at random, you can bring friends here OR familiars to help.

*Guild VS Guild- Waves of your guild, fighting other guilds.

*Fishing- name says it all lol

*Duel- A fight between you and a friend or random player you choose in REAL time.

*Special holiday and other modes they add and vary.

NEW MODE- "Expeditions" too new to explain but WOW is it fun!!!

Lastly your guild also can be leveled and upgraded with it's looks in the hall or with bonuses and perks.

Much to this game to keep you interested!!! Alot i haven't listed but if anyone plays, or would like to play, add me and i'll invite you to our guild!

I play daily, and on Mobile, but it all crosses platforms.

Guild: G4Y7

Just thought i'd share!!

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