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GAH to Gaming for breakfast?
08-07-2017, 08:22 PM,
GAH to Gaming for breakfast?
Gaming After Hours

Here's one of my many Facebook Pages i run.
The community has been well, and we're looking to expand. Currently undergoing a new image for the community, and hopefully a new name that STICKS, and isn't too similar to other pages/forums that have like-content.

We currently go by "Gaming After Hours," and are fueling the idea of the new name to "Games For Breakfast." We specialize moslty in game related content/news; but have other forms of social media involved, and are more the hungry to increase content of many sorts as we expand.

Just thought i'd share, and wouldn't mind any feedback on the names, or anything you guys/gals like and dislike about US and OUR community.

Constructive criticism prefferredWink

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