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Mobile forum guidelines
03-03-2013, 07:36 PM,
Mobile forum guidelines
Here`s some guidelines of how to post some stuff in the new mobile forums.

Game/App reviews guideline


Game/app requirement: (OS required or other technical stuff needed if found. Like Tegra compatible or not for ex)

Google Play or AppStore link to the game/app. Post links to both paid and free versions of the app or game. (no download links outside of the official links. There are a lot of other places to find them but not here Smile )

Short game description (2 to 5 lines)

Screenshots (2 to 4 screenshots) preferably your own and in case the ones on the websites aren't relevant enough. (They need to show actual game play not promotional crap). This is mandatory since videos aren't always available and some people have low net speeds to actually wait for the video to load

Video. Post videos if found, or even make them yourself. 1 game play video at most

Tutorial guideline


Description( what it`s about and what it`s supposed to do

Requirements (working devices, OS, apps required etc.)

Video of the tutorial
This is the only place where you can also add links to download (post them together and named accordingly)

And/or TEXT tutorial with images at each step of the process.
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