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YOUTUBE Gone? - DigitalTRIM - 12-02-2011

Has anybody else seen what the new youtube set-up is turning into? Just like myspace it is over doing itself, and is gonna run into the ground:O It will never be a un-used site; that's for sure! But just as myspace kept going and going with its Themes, and access configuration: it is not looking good:p this is a silly thing for some web developers to do, and i'm sure they have their reasons but..... Anyways Tom himself even left myspace and came to facebook lol. Does anyone agree with this? I think youtube is great and the old look had alot smoother feel: now i want to punch myself trying to browse my favs, and subscriptions!!!! ARGH!


P.S. link is just for looks!

Oh and if anyone has seen the new channel looks, do they think i should convert? Or stick to the old?

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - SAND33P - 12-17-2011

The old channel can be customised wayy more, but the new one is just nicer, the way you can insert your links and stuff.

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - Clarkie - 12-22-2011

I like the new one, it's nicer on the eyes and nicer to use. Smile

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - DigitalTRIM - 12-22-2011

It's cool but stops the ability to designBig Grin i like designing it: the new one can only be somewhat cool if your a partner: also i can't find anyones comment sections, or how to add them as a friend? Alot is missing in my opinion:p some cool features but eh

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - Clarkie - 12-22-2011

Yeah but some people had awful and annoying designs. It helps focus on what Youtube is about, video. Tongue

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - DigitalTRIM - 12-22-2011

Very trueBig Grin

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - SeanFace101 - 06-11-2012

I do like the way it looks now.
Although i have noticed a few bugs when using it.
In the manager area mostly..
One for example being when you try to arrange the videos into anything other than latest down to oldest..
They just stay the same without rearranging themself Tongue

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - Clarkie - 06-11-2012

Hmm, I've never found that bug. I just view the videos and homepage.

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - Script47 - 07-07-2012

I think its good they changed every website needs to change there design once in a while! Smile

RE: YOUTUBE Gone? - DigitalTRIM - 07-07-2012

Yeah I came around now lol: but I was worried they were going over board! It's great now!