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MHFU save file - wowkwondo - 03-28-2015

A bunch of friends I've made here at Uni really want to get on playing some MHFU tonight and I don't have my old save data. Would it be possible for someone to generate me a save file with the following?

Name: Crimjapes
Gender: Male
Clothing: any
Face: 29
Hairstyle: any
Hair Color: anything
Voice: 08
All items
All guild and village quests cleared
Max money

I just want to get right into the swing of things, and these guys are just wanting to do HR7 stuff, but it would mean a lot. Cheers.

RE: MHFU save file - Yama Vs Obama - 03-28-2015

We don't make save files lol... also idek if anyone is still doing saves
If it's US I wouldn't mind, but I don't have the all guild/village quests cleared code

RE: MHFU save file - wowkwondo - 03-28-2015

Sorry, I guess it's been a while. And yeah, it's US. If you don't have the clear code for the quests, that's fine. I'll just try and plow through them as fast as I can before tonight. Thanks.

RE: MHFU save file - Yama Vs Obama - 04-04-2015

Woops forgot about this. ok I made a note to myself, make a save and upload it to the site or somewhere and give me a link to it, I'll get on it

RE: MHFU save file - Vredesbyrd666 - 04-29-2015

Closest to that I have is this. This is from my old savedata.

Name: 666
Gender: Female
Clothing: Type 5
Face: Type 6
Hairstyle: Type 5
Hair Color: R: 255 G: 55 B: 55, bright red
Voice: Type 9
All items
Max money
HR 1

RE: MHFU save file - Danzell - 06-06-2015

the condition still is to upload your own save. i can do saves provided that you spare me the character creation.