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MHFU Piercings - lets jump - 03-06-2014

Is there any code that will give the training school exclusive piercings like the piercing of rage and blast piercing?

RE: MHFU Piercings - Ranos - 03-06-2014

If you can find the items code then it's doable.

RE: MHFU Piercings - lets jump - 03-08-2014

So how do i do that? Sorry im kinda new on this Tongue

RE: MHFU Piercings - Ranos - 03-08-2014

I just had a quick look on Google and got most of the common codes we use, so it will take some time to find it. We use CW Cheats to activate the codes so use that in your Google search.

RE: MHFU Piercings - Danzell - 03-09-2014

@ let`s jump. if you have CWCheats installed and you know how to use it, there is that WISH or WASH code that enables you to buy all the stuff from the old merchant lady

RE: MHFU Piercings - Ranos - 03-09-2014

I forgot about that one.

RE: MHFU Piercings - Danzell - 03-10-2014

to be honest i can`t belive i still remember it Smile)

RE: MHFU Piercings - lets jump - 03-12-2014

hmmm i cant seem to find the code for purchasing equipment at the blacksmith :/

RE: MHFU Piercings - lets jump - 03-12-2014

ah, found it here http://www.extenditude.com/showthread.php?tid=144&page=2&highlight=codes and it does unlock the training school exclusive piercings Big Grin

RE: MHFU Piercings - lets jump - 03-13-2014

Danzell can u give me the codes for purchasing items at the lady? i need decorations :/