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Self Hosted Forums - kaynil - 08-11-2011

What are your view in sites that offers you to create your forum and hving it up and running in minutes? They host it for you, but many won't let you own the community database, and will have limited control over what you can do with it.

I think they are all right, specially if you are starting and just want to experiment some. It is also good for people who plan not to be bothered with learning to code or design. I think it is also allright for a small hangout community.

I'd like to hear what are your thoughts on it.

In what situations do you recommend the use of free self hosted forums?

If you don't recommend it at all, why not?

RE: Self Hosted Forums - ac3xx - 08-27-2011

I don't recommend it at all, and I would never use it personally, simply because I like to have the control over my forum (and if I wanted to move, I could do so without incurring any extra costs for the database or whatever.)

RE: Self Hosted Forums - SeanFace101 - 07-13-2012

I would only reccomend this to a beginner way at the beginning.
Simply just to get some experience running a forum.
Years ago i used FreeForums, they then transfered the forum over to HostGator for me for a fee.
But, other forums i have or have had, i wouldnt ever use them.

RE: Self Hosted Forums - Script47 - 07-13-2012

I agree with the previous comments, I think that once you know the basics of forums you start thinking about learning to change things with simple programming.

RE: Self Hosted Forums - Danzell - 07-13-2012

i did this thing when i was trying to learn how to use the admin CP for Extenditude.
if i would have to resort to using these types of forums i`d use it if it was something temporary like group talk or sth like that

RE: Self Hosted Forums - Script47 - 07-13-2012

Seems like an idea, did it work?

RE: Self Hosted Forums - Danzell - 07-13-2012

not much since you have limited access on the CP very few things that you could change.

RE: Self Hosted Forums - Script47 - 07-13-2012

Oh right... Smile

RE: Self Hosted Forums - Clarkie - 07-15-2012

Your best bet is to use proper hosting and install the software yourself. If you want something to mess around on install it in a hidden/private directory or use WAMP and install it on localhost.