Full Version: Apple releasing spree
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Apple's homepage has 3 new releases of products and software, scheduled for Fall and this summer. What are your view's on the new OS they have developed, OS X Lion? The new iOS update? As well as their new iCloud?

All are very interesting, and myself being a mac owner, I will be updating to the new software because it looks great. Although iCloud isn't really appealing to me, seems pointless

Your thoughts?
icloud is really for the future, but at least its there, people normally dont introduce big things until apple does.
Every year they always release 3 things in fall.
Thank you very much for notifying me. I've subscribed so they can email me when they have the update. I will 10000% update to the latest version. I just can't wait for the new version. I have a Version 10.5.8.
Mac OS X Lion - well it's better than Windows 8 by the looks of things!

iOS 5 - Anything original in there? Maybe the twitter integration.... I guess Apple is admitting Android and Blackberry did a few things better than them.

iCloud - Compared to it's competitors this is great. However many people, including myself do not like the idea of the cloud for everything. Privacy will be an issue with it.
i double what clarkie said