Full Version: 1 in 8 people now use Chrome
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Yeah and it's crap. :L But that doesn't mean IE9 is crap!
I used to use FF, but it became too slow for me. I know am a die hard Chrome user, and if I have to use IE or FF, you won't see me smiling. Tongue
But.... that mega back button must give you a good laugh? :O
Smile) what i don`t get is why there still is a back button. i mean i have my back/forward on my mouse wheel. i just have to tilt it left or right
I don't have that luxury. :O
I think you're the only one on this forum with a mouse like that Danzell.
i have Logitech M325. a small laptop mouse. cost me @ 20Euro so i don`t think it`s luxury Tongue
I have a mikomi mouse that cost much less...
from what year :haha:
Oh it must be at least 2 years old. :L
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