Full Version: 1 in 8 people now use Chrome
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IE is awesome! Purely because of the advert and the mega sized back button. xD
Oh come on, you must agree? Tongue
Well yes, but surely there are better reasons? Tongue
To use IE? Not really.
yea i use IE9 too. TO DOWNLOAD FIREFOX :yep:

IE has no protection at all against any kind of scripts

Chrome runs the internet faster because it runs 2 separate processes. 1 with the browser and 1 with the plugins and stuff. the plugin process consumed for me @ 500mb of ram and on average, the processor was solicited above 50% all the time

Firefox loads slower but i didn`t notice any difference so saying that you go for chrome cause it loads a page faster by 6 milliseconds is irelevant.
Plus it has a well organized plugin platform. on average FF uses @ 150mb ram

Depends on what you use the browser for. Chrome is for business stuff, text, webpage navigating... stuff like that. Firefox is more on the media part. and IE is trash :!
But... but... but the advert! :O
the ads are always deceiving xD.
 and i saw nothing that could make me want to use it again. except downloading firefox when i reinstall windows.
I mean the add shows other websites that work the same on other browsers, ironman, deviantart, and that game (i can`t remember the name). and that HD thing is again bullshit Tongue that depends on how the site was made mainly.
also BING which is even worser than google, especially when you use it to translate.

ExampleSadme talking with a girl about the written exam for our AP degree diploma) (profu is like a slang word for Professor so i guess it`s ok that it couldn`t be translated)

Google Translate:
"Julia know you checked grids with Profu 'but I think the management question 8, the correct answer is C. writes and ongoing support"

Bing Translate:
"[/size]I know you have Yulia checked the call profu ' grids but I guess the management question 8, the right answer is c. writes in the course"

Correct translation:
"Iulia i know that you checked the grids with the teacher but i think that on management question 8, the correct answer is C. It`s written in the support course."

I mean wtf where the hell did that "call" word come from.
But Bing isn't part of IE. Wink You would be stupid not to replace it with Google.
it`s part of microsoft Smile and it`s the standard search engine for IE
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