Full Version: 1 in 8 people now use Chrome
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(05-25-2012, 03:31 AM)s_sayan Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, can't believe so many people still using IE.

I use IE9. Big Grin
Huh? O.o
Chrome user here.
Currently using Chrome but on my new monitor everything is so wide! :O
FireFox had a update that makes it a lot more..... Go find outSmile
Makes it more what? I havn't notest.
You mean more people using it? Where did you find that?
No: its latest update has some easier access features with back and forthing:p its still the best browser.
I have been using Chrome quite a lot since last year, IE is okay but not as good as Chrome or Firefox. If I had to choose between Chrome and Firefox I would probably pick Firefox.
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