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Hi all,
Here is a request a friend asked me but my cracked PSP don't work so I came here to ask you guys to do it and in order to I made a £10 donation (transaction number : 1T091110U3917461E) because it is a really big request.

General :
-HR 9
-Max money
-Max Pokke Point
-Fill Item Box (Ores, hunting devices like bombs, knife, drinks ... and their raw materials)

Armors :
-Golden Shin Armor (Golden Hair Tie Shin, Golden Haori Shin,
Golden Kote Shin, Golden Obi Shin, Golden Hakama Shin)
-Black Belt X Armor (Black Belt Helm X, Black Belt Mail X, Black Belt Vambraces X, Black Belt Tasset X, Black Belt Greaves X)
-Obituary X ARmor (Obituary Testa X, Obituary Petto X, Obituary Mano X, Obituary Anca X, Obituary Gamba X)
-Kirin X Armor (Kirin Horn X, Kirin Jacket X, Kirin Longarms X, Kirin Hoop X, Kirin Leg Guards X)
-Kushala X Armor (Kushala Glare X, Kushala Cista X, Kushala Grip X, Kushala Cocoon X, Kushala Crus X)
-Melahoa Z Armor (Melahoa Flower Hat Z, Melahoa Flower Jacket Z, Melahoa Branch Z, Melahoa Skirt Z, Melahoa Roots Z)
-Auroros Goku Armor (Auroros Helm Goku, Auroros Torso Goku, Auroros Gauntlets Goku, Auoros Tasset Goku, Auroros Pants Goku)

Weapons :
Longswords :
-Knockout Dragonsword
-Wailing Cleaver Shin
-Wyvern Blade 'Holly'
-Wyvern Blade 'Camellia'
-Blango Destructor G

Sword & Shield :
-Indigo Ogre Sword
-Thunderblade Vajra +
-Royal Rose
-Golden Eclipse
-Master Odyssey
-Daora's Maelstrom
-High Sandman Spike

Felyne Comrade :
-Name : Hinata (I think the code is A0)
-Comrade level 20, Att/Def max, Skill Points max
-Fondness max
-Color : Black Melynx

Felyne Chef :
-Name : Ashley, Annie, Holly, Laurie (no matter the cat just change its name)
-Chef level 9
-Color : all Black Melynx

Thank you very, very, very much !!
PS : if I miss something I'll edit the post.
I can confirm that Weixing has donated. I'm going to start this now.
Okay no need for me to do it then.. :L
Here, hope I've done everything. I converted Rock to a Felyne Chef (you only had 3).

A couple of the armours had been renamed (Obituary to Butterfly, Auroros to Borealis).

Let me know if there's anything else/anything I've missed.
Haha I gave you the wrong save. No worries, I just have to do the quests.
Anyway, it is perfect.

Haha okay. One thing I forgot to mention, for HR9 I had to clear ALL quests (so Village Quests are completed too).
Yep I saw it. Just want to do the quests again for the guild card.
Thanks again