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Ok, so I have a request, but i'm not sure if it's a donation request or not, so i'll tell you what I would like, then you guys can let me know. I would like the character in the first slot copied to the third slot, renamed to Aprill (with two 'l's) and i'd like Aprill to be given the ability to buy all the weapons and armor from the cat (next to the smith). Is this possible? And if so, how much do I need to donate? If it can be done, i'll attach the save tonight, as I don't have my PSP cord on me.

Here is my savegame. In the zip file is a txt document with the list of Weapons and Armour I would like. Thanks heaps.

So to put my request into detailed words: I would like the first slot copied to the last slot and renamed to Aprill, and I would like the included list of weapons and armour to be given to the last slot.

Thanks a bunch. Also, how do I sign up for that membership thingy?
We can do the copying and renaming, but the cheat that lets you buy all weapons and armour from the cat is temporary, if it isn't enabled on the PSP it won't work.

We can get you any weapons and armour you want, but you'd have to buy VIP membership which is $5, but it's lifetime and you can have any future hacks for free. You also get access to our exclusive manga made by Ranos, and other features too. The link is: http://forums.extenditude.com/donate.php
The manga is for VIPs? As ac3xx said we cannot give you the ability to buy any weapons/armour however if you get all items/max money you can make the items you want.
You don't read much do you? Ranos' manga is VIP only.
I must have missed that bit.
Ok, I've paid for the VIP membership.
Okay great, I'll look at the list and work out if they are all available through the cheat or whether I'll have to do specific item codes.

Should be fine though.

EDIT: This is an EU request so I changed it from US to EU. (Save file is ULES01213)
Here you go.

Lion Kaiser Saber was renamed to Lion Emperor Saber in the transition from MHF2 to MHFU, but it's exactly the same weapon so I've given you that.

For gunner armour, I've given you Ceanataur S, as it's apparently a good armour set up until HR8, although I've never used Bows/Bowguns before.

I left your money at 77z, however let me know if you want that changed.
Thank ac3xx by using the link in his sig Wink
Thanks heaps guys. Sorry about the US/EU confusion. I'm in Australia, so I figured the Australian Playstation store would give me a US one. And Thanks for leaving the money as-is. I'd rather earn the items, at least Tongue
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