Full Version: What're your favourite bands!?
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Hey people,

Just a discussion for you to share your favourite bands with each other.

I generally like a range of music from The Killers and Coldplay to Bullet For My Valentine and Dead By April.

I listen to different genres depending on my mood. Although recently I've noticed most of my music has a depressed theme... :L

Anyway, what do you people listen too? Tongue

I like a variety of "artist" it just depends on the genre.

For dubstep I like mt eden; He made a really good dubstep album.
For metal I like All the Remains, megadeath, and some others.
For rap/hip hop B.O.B. and Cudi there revolutionary artist.
i listen dubstep too, i like Gramatik a lot
Well for me id say Disturbed and Bullet. I also like Breaking Benjamin as well.
Sonata Arctica

The, best, band, EVER.

Yup. They're just stupidly under appreciated.

Here's my list

Linkin Park
Sonata Arctica
Finger Eleven
The Rasmus
Yoko Kanno
Yuki Kajiura
Fox Amoore (FA user)
Hania (NG user)
NemesisTheory (NG user)
Goukisan (NG user)
Envy (NG user)
Blackhole12 (NG user)
Chzz (NG user)
Paragon X9 (NG user)
403 Forbiddena

I also have one or two songs from a bunch of random ones
oops :p thanks ranos for reminding me, i also like nightwish as well.
Same Big Grin.
Who doesn't like Linkin Park as well! :O
I'm more of a country girl fan :p

Rascal Flats
Garth Brooks

and alot more :p

Ishy deslikes country, but he'll get used to it Smile
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