Full Version: Kokoto needs help OOC
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Well keeping on topic with the site I shall be doing a monster hunter RP

The Rathalos, King of the skies, a ferocious beast that threatened the existence of the humans that inhabited the village of Kokoto , A daily attack by the beast was inevitable, it would take away the livestock that the humans worked night and day to raise. The local guild sought out a group of hunter that would be able to deal with their daily tasks as well as putting fear into the eyes of local wyverns, so they sent a notice to the guilds that populated Minegarde for young aspiring hunters that had potential to take on some of the higher wyverns. And this is were you answer the call…

Basically what we are going to do is go on daily quests and I shall make a quest board where you can take quests but they wont be available all the time as monsters aren’t always terrorising people…


Choice of Weapons:
Feared wyvern: (The one you desire to kill)
Starting gear:

I kept the story short as it doesn't need to be long Smile
Name: Clarkie
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Choice of Weapons: Hammers!
Feared Wyvern: Yian Kut-Ku :LL
Picture: Coming later...
Bio: Urm.... what sort of info do you want? :L
Starting Gear: Items or equipment or both?
Om nom nom , I forgot about this but as my psp is out of action i shall start posting in forums more XD

@Clarkie: Just you armour and weapons up to rarity 3 i think , or within reason anyways XD and for the Bio is some history about your charecter and why he became a monster hunter

Name: Alexander Belmont
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Choice of Weapons: SnS
Feared wyvern: Yiyan Garuga
Bio: From a young age Alexander had always dreamt to become a Wyvern rider, His childhood games used to include riding a pig while pretending it was a rathalos… When Alexander was 16 he decided he would travel the world trying to learn the secrets of taming these illusive beast … After 6 years of trying he came to no conclusion on how to tame the beast, All his travels showed him was how deadly the beast are and the amount of lives they wreck and the thought of this unlocked a burning hatred in his heart… So Alexander decided to head back to his home town to train and become a monster hunter.

After 5 years of blood & sweat Alexander had achieved a point where he was ready to go work for the guild halls in ridding this world of the wyverns. Alexander set off for Kokoto. (Sorry I kept this a bit vague bit I cant be arsed to write something right now XD )

( Didn’t know how to spell the wyverns names but you get the drift XD )
Starting gear: Assassins dagger and full Hunters gear
Name: Jakob Heinseff
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Choice of Weapons: Longswords
Feared wyvern: Jinouga
[Image: VT5Jz.png]
[Image: sxs3U.png]
[Image: JkiUy.png]
[Image: LBlLd.png]
(Yes, these are Portable 3rd Screenshots)
Bio: Coming Soon to all Stores near you.
  • Jet Black Demise
  • Skull Face S
  • Escadora Soul
  • Dark Akantor Claw
  • Escadora Might
  • Dark Akantor Hessian
I'll install Portable 3rd then post pics.
Name: Rex
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Choice of Weapons: Hammers FTW !
Feared Wyvern: Nargacuga ...
Picture: None atm :3
Bio: Coming Spring 2011 !
Starting gear: Nakedness ... 8)