Full Version: How many crushes have/do/did you have?
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hey Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin how many crushes did you guys have?

i had 6 or 7. the third crush, my first gf...the 6th one was my second gf
i`d say... the first girl i had a real crush on is a polish girl Smiling )
a bit shorter than me, black straight hair, blue kitty eyes, shy, mature, and a hard worker (that`s what i really love abt her)

also how many girls did have a crush on you?
i had 1 in middle school (i always tend to find out they like me when it`s too late -_-)
and 1 in highschool(cute girl)(again found out too late when she moved on)


well the truth hurts but i suck at hookups Smile)

well major factors that make me wanna do it would be cuteness(not exaggerated or feigned)
Not a lot being honest, i don't give a fuck about girls till i see the one i want, then is a matter of time till she's mine
i'm pretty fine with my actual gf, 3 years and counting

Girls with crushes on me?
Lots, all of them in college, highschool girls are just interested on whoever is following the current trend, well, Boxing and having a blues band help a whole lot.
i`ll call you miniBanderas Smile)
Only a few, i dont know what attracts me to them though :/ i seem to have weird standards Smile but i am just about to move in with someone i have a huge crush on ^_^ so i think it will happen Smile
Lots :L people encourage you to move on round here Tongue
I'm engaged to my first ever crush. Does that count?
<<---- :$
Hydraclone, congratz on being engaged. That's awesome that it's your first crush. Smile

I was thinking the other day, who have I genuinly liked and who have I just thought I liked.... I came to the conclusion I've only ever liked 1 person properly Tongue
Wow can't believe this exist lol :p Well im kinda like Hydra as my first real crush is Ishy <3 btw thats not his real name Smile we got engaged on last night! Our little buddie ask me if i wanted to be his mommy with a gorgeous ring in his hand......i've never been happier Smile
Wait... last night!? OMG CONGRATS! Wow...... shame you can't have an Extenditude wedding LOL. Smile
Thanks Clarkie Smile
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