Full Version: Driving Age?
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Hey and here's another debate!

How old do you think people should be before they are allowed to drive?

[Image: PC180012.JPG]

Personally I think you cannot judge everyone in the same way, some people would be responsible enough at 16 but others wouldn't be till they're over 20!
hmm id have to say 18. It a safe number and by then hopefully you are mature enough to drive.
i`d say 20... in europe...and 22 or above in USA....

or to allow them to drive cars that go up to 45 km/h Smile)...when i was in Germany i saw a lot of these cars.... not to mention A LOT of bicycles
Like 40cc engines? :L
probably.... no idea on what the sizes are for cars
for some 18 for others NEVER !!
20 should be the limit everywhere. There also be a enforced law stating that the use of cellphones (bluetooth or not) should be prohibited. Just last night my lil buddy and I were going to the store for some necessaties and almost got hit by a moron who was texting and driving! The Lord was good to use and nothing bad happend, but if it was illegal for cellphone usage while driving that close call would not of happened.
It's illegal where I am Big Grin
Good. Wish it was like that here.
Where do you live?
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