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I know I shouldn't post a request here but I didn't want to spam since I don't have too much time left with my internet. Anyways I donated a little bit for the troubles. All I wanted was a name change to 'Rikku' and to fill the item box. If you don't want to do it due to the misplacing of the thread or something else it's fine I understand but It would be much appreciated. Sorry for the inconvenience.
if you donated Clarkie will verify and i`m sure it will be done Smile
Why do you assume that only Clarkie can confirm? Tongue

I just checked, and (s)he has donated £2.20 to the cause Big Grin

I'll now move this thread to the request section, give Maddy VIP, and shove a priority thing in the title.
(09-21-2010, 04:18 PM)ac3xx Wrote: [ -> ]Why do you assume that only Clarkie can confirm? Tongue

dunno i just guessed... nobody told me who can check :-??

ok i`m going to do it
Damn if only I was 5 mins earlier I would have done it :L
Hmm, and if your psp actually turned on Big Grin
Oh yeah lmao
finished Big Grin
Thank you tons guys n_n
No problem, glad to help.
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