Full Version: Favorite Color? What about dream name?
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mine is green(like the site OMG!) and i wish my name was Jarred.
you should see the other green theme Tongue (neon gaming)

User Options it sends you where you can edit more options

Look @ near the bottom of the page for Board style Big Grin

the one i use is neonGaming
well then... this is way cooler thanks bro!
you know ? ypu can put that as your sig Smile)Tongue
1) i tried to. it wont load, and
2) i made an even better one Big Grin
WOOT dude...that`s too big for a sig...try to make one @ 400x150px

and the image you posted is invalid...Tongue

this is your image link Tongue

[Image: 41201_139076092794386_100000759881817_19...0455_n.jpg]
yea im pretty sure its fixed until i edit it to get rid of the white spots, too fat at the moment :p ill do it soon, and add more monsters
BanHammer for anyone who tries to use a sig that big Tongue
you want me to make it smaller than this one
‚Üì ‚Üì ‚Üì
Nah that's alright.
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