Full Version: Poll/ Open Discussion: Obama and the Mosque near ground zero
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Ok i want to know what your view is on the fact that obama has decided to let an organization, specifically muslims, build a certain place of worship called a mosque very close to the place where 9/11 happened. I will try to stay neutral on the topic: 1) he's stating a true fact: there is freedom of religion, so they have the right to build their place of worship here, just as catholics, lutherans, etc. have the right to build their churchs here in america. Then there's the fact that the disignated area is very close to where the world trade center once stood. in a way, its like the people who chose this spot to build the mosque are trying to taunt america into action, etc. etc.. What's your view on the situation?
As a reputable member of this community, I have to try and stay neutral, but god I hate those muslims for what they've done.
if it wasnt allowed, someone will blow something up to protest.
and some think that all muslims are terrorists. people just need to stop being stereotypical
In my opinion, it shouldn't be done. Religion is a sorce of war, and only serves to controle and manipulate people with weak minds and hearts. Thos people I consider hopeless and useless. Religion also prevents people from being human.
Sorry about that, I just really hate religion. It does more bad then good.
SAND33P, I don't think all Muslims are terrorists, but because everyone views Muslims as terrorists, people will complain, etc.
i think its a pretty bad idea but well idk he shouldnt do it