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Let`s start a game @ here...getting bored:surrender: This is somewhat like Clarkie`s "i ban you because" game. It`s called "3 word story". Each poster writes 3 words that must be connected with the previous post . In the end we`ll have a funny story Big Grin
(i`ll update the first post to add the words)

school sucks hard
because the teachers
make us study

....and so on

Oki then so me first:hi:

Once upon a table, lay a Rathalos egg which had green sludge. The sneaky felyne helped snake to lick up the remains of the Rathian that suffered a fate which was unheard of. The Rathian fell further than any person would slip down from a coconut tree. A young Felyne happened to be sitting on my face eating a Speartuna and searching ores while dripping mucus on a gravios and having a slightly perverted entertainment whilst eating an Elephants own waste. The Felyne then jacked off to your Mum and cooked up some whore's front sausage with a side and a huge wart. After that it became incredibly large because of the great, big, smelly fish hiding inside it's big vulgar cave. But the germ ridden cage was rotting quicker than a Rathalos' child could eat a bowl of spaghetti. Therefore the creatures ate some more cheese with their massive, brutal claws whilst sitting on a pointy rockface of marble or granite. They then proceeded to chew up a mighty steak that's been over lots of smelly fish that once swam in the piss of a ruthless creature with lots of wriggly, smily, smelly, repulsive, long-legged, mad cow. Then someone surveyed the scene and thought ' OMFG what on Earth is more sexier than a hairy woman without her hair ever shaved from underneath her sweaty, hairy armpits which never stop eating small children. Thus seppuku was something that no-one but that man did not do the resulting chaos to the great wall of China. The little Chinese man tried to eat his sushi with some bamboo sticks. After that he went to kick the bear's balls into a koala's mouth but failed epicly because he's Chinese and his little chode decided to die. THE END WAS EXTREMELY FUCKING NIGHT. So the small Chinese man emigrated to US and went to live with a samalian goat who ate it's own chode which smelt like rotten cheese with lumps of salty, chilly, vinegar. The Mexican imigrants happened to have a beefy enchillada which emitted a deathly aura of toxicated gas. The Indian imigrants won a meditation lesson under the bright sun but, a camel stepped

table, lay a
Rathalos egg which
had green sludge
The sneaky felyne
helped snake to...
lick up the
remains of the
rathian that suffered
a fate which
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