Full Version: Bronami's request
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I would like the save Malik in the middle edited.
Max Money
Max Pokke Points
Max Items
All DS and GS weapons
All rarity 9/10 armors
All Elder/Guild Quests completed.
All Pokke Farm upgrades.
Name,face, and voice stay the same.

If you would like to throw anything else in than please do so. If this can be done I would GREATLY GREATLY appreciate it. I will donate $10 once I get the opportunity to. THANKS!!
Well this will take a long time and requires the donation so I'll get to work. I've already missed one homework this week, how many will I manage? Lol
Thank you Clarkie! I go now to put money in my Paypal and to the Thank you thread to properly give my thanks!
Did my best, complete 1 mission to unlock HR 9 etc, gave every rarity 9-10 GS and DS and every rarity 10 armour piece. You have every item so feel free to buy anymore then once you;ve used the items/money you can request again to get it topped up for you.

Hope this is what you want Smile
man how did you do that so fast!??!?!?!?!?! WOW
Lol, the slow bit is manually buying armour and weapons. That's why you have to donate for it, otherwise we'd be spending half an hour on every save when max money and all items can give you the stuff to make anything you want.
Sorry to brag but we have not yet received the donation required for the save you requested and received.