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This is a really detailed edit.. Sorry if it's too much, just tell me and I will take stuff out. I'm going to donate 15 US dollars, which I think comes out to 10
I will complete the save for you and will provide the weapons and any armours once you have sent the donation. Smile As it is so long and I have a lot of homework to do I will be doing this tomorrow. I can't do the felyne heriocs unless I can get the codes from Danzell...
i`ll upload them in a txt and pm it
Great thanks Danz.
actually i didn`t put it in a text Tongue too lazy Tongue
Donated Smile

Thanks in advance, and sorry for having such a meticulous request XD
don`t worry Tongue it`s no problem Tongue i like that it`s well structured Big Grin
Made a custom cheat database for your request. Thought I'd post it.
Unfortunately I'm having to spend over an hour on weaponry.
These apparently don't exist:
High Volt Gunlance
Sea Abyss
Luna's Sun
Black Rain Darklance
True Blk DragonSpr+
Demonlance Rajang (Couldn't work out route to make this one)
Rising Tempest
Daora's Regulus (need rusted lance)

If they do exist you should be able to buy them yourself.

Spent 2 hours on your save today and I managed all the Lances and Gunlances. The rest of the weapons and armour need doing. You can either take the save as it is or you can wait until I go through and buy as much as I can which won't be until sometime tomorrow.
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