Full Version: Edit my save prease
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I'll just do those myself then, thank you very much Clarkie Big Grin

Gonna donate another 15USD lol
Lol thanks very much. Before you go to bed tonight if you upload the save with the weapons bought in the morning I'll try and buy more before you come online. It would probably be easier if you did it though as I imagine you are more familiar with the weapons than me so you know the routes to buy them immediately whereas I have to spend 2 minutes looking up for each weapon.
Wait what exactly do you mean? Me by the weapons that are missing and then you buy some more weapons..? I don't really understand lol ><
Ah don't worry then. Buy as many as you can but if you get bored upload the save and I'll try and buy the rest.
I see why you want donations for these now Tongue
Mhmm, I do my best lol. Problem is I'm a very busy person and you happen to have caught me on what's probably my busiest weekend so far this year.... Sad
I think I got mostly everything but I'm missing some stuff because I don't remember/Ran out of mats so think I could get another Max Money/Full Item Box please? XD That is, once I figure out how to attach a file :x Can't seem to find the button lol
Lol. Same as before.

Click new reply. Write a message. Go below the post and see where it says upload file. Wait for upload to complete, page will refresh then click add reply.
There's nothing there :x I went to create a new thread and there was the attach a file thing but there's nothing when I click on New Reply

I'll just make a new thread some other time I guess
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