Full Version: Ban the person above you!
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This is the topic where you create a fictional reason to ban the person who posts in this topic before you. Eg.

"I ban clarkie for running the website"

"I ban ??? for banning clarkie"

and so on. Someone's gotta ban me!
I ban clarkie for getting a French detention. ^_^
Banned James for getting me into one a couple of weeks ago. Smile
I ban you for pulling me off my chair and because of that you got a detention Tongue
I ban you for accusing me of pulling you off your chair when I actually pulled the chair away before you were sat on it Tongue
I ban you because "your mother is dying" rofl
LMFAO! I ban you for not getting any body bags Wink
I ban you for not getting any suicide bags tehehe
Lawl. I ban you for attempting to ban me
I ban you because you ran out of ideas. Tehehehehehehehe