Full Version: Anyone fancy making me a sig?
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Got a render here (attached) so could somebody make a sig using it?

400px by 180px
Text: Clarkie (with a blood or red thunder effect)
Colours: Dark blood like reds and black (dark red theme)


(PSD also attached)
Well I could if I had a computer lawl
lol. I wanted to see how Danzell would do this or SAND33P if he comes online.
gonna start it tomorrow after univ Big Grin
Great, thanks! Good to know I've got an expert working on it. :p Can you also upload the PSD when your done?
the psd doesn`t have many layers except for the text psd which had abt 23 0_o
Dam i got beaten to it, anywaz danzell is better than me.
Lol your both over 10 times better than me Tongue
well thank you ....thank you Tongue you are both welcome to rep me Big Grin =))
I did ages ago.....
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