Full Version: The Cats, my face, & 1 letter.
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Really appriciate the last save, just need a couple things to perfect it now Smile
Can i please have an H in my name, from "Crispy" to "Chrispy," i'm picky I know, sorry >.<.

Can I have a face change? To face type 10, the guy with the beard.

Also any cat other than WeaponOnly just loves throwing worthless bombs everywhere! so can i have my now weaponloving cats maxed in level, attack, defence, points and everything. Hopefully this will solve they're love of sh*tty bombs over omfg overpowered super hit!

Thanks so much.
p.s As usual, my pc believes file compression is the work of the antichrist. Have had to post another link to my save here: http://www.mediafire.com/Chrispyloco

Sorry about that >.<.
Have some more money? I've been meaning to make a better donation anyway.
Will this take quite a while to do? I did have quite a list.