Full Version: The name and the cats please.
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Hi! Can i please have the name changed from Master Z to "Chrispy" and can all my cats be maxed out, lvls, attack, defence and all.
That would be fantastic.
Also if it isnt too much hassel, all level 9 chefs would be great too.
Cheers! xx

P.S My pc is really quite useless and refuses to compress my save within the limits, so i hope you dont mind that i've posted the link to my save here:
Thanks. x
Please note i have donated, And PM'd Clarkie.
(01-07-2010, 06:48 PM)ChrispyLoco Wrote: [ -> ]Uhh, just wondering if anybodys still getting around to doing this one.

Ah, read the announcement. Best of luck with your GCSEs Apple!
Completed and uploading. Enjoy Big Grin