Full Version: Request to remake lost character
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Character name: Kakashi
Quest Level: 5


Thank you for any help you can give me, it's just devastating to me to lose this, not only to me but to my 5 friends who I play with every week who will lose me.

If you can't give me whats above plz let me know what you can do if anything. Thank you so much!

Matt W.
I have done the weapons and armour but haven't got time to do any more at the moment.

Ok here is what I have done:


Character name: Kakashi
Hunter Rank: 6
Guild Points: 150,000
zenny: 250,000


Name: Itachi
All Quests Cleared
x99 of All Items

Still to do:
Quest level 5 char 1

Also, you stated you were going to delete the items. I can clear all the items completely if you want but that will mean you have no items at HR 6....
In school at the moment. IT fucking borin might go on Crush the Castle
Finally Completed!

I am ever so sorry for the delay if there are any problems let us know immediately.

1st Char: The main request
2nd Char: You requested this one
3rd Char: 1st Char with Item Box Sorted to have no creature parts in.

Enjoy. Big Grin