Full Version: Talks about Game Post Production.
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Let`s talk here more.
So where was I?. CS.... yea CS is like that.
They have to filter through all the tickets. To do that they have Guidelines in order to make sure you`re not sending the other teams on a wild goose chase or if they already have the answer to give it to you.
Wild goose chases mean wasted time that can be used elsewere.

it`s funny what you get sometimes.
I had one guy complayining that his UI was messed up on ACO.
The dude had a 4 screen setup. When we finally got a photo of his setup and dx diag.... we flew in rage. the dude had 3 4:3 VGA screens straight from the stone ages and the last one a no name brand that was listed on only a page in korean, coupled with an AMD CPU and GPU (forgot the names).

So this thing took us 2 weeks of tries with a helluva lot of screens and hardware setups, after we finally got the info above.
I like the idea of a thread started yayyyy!!!

I got the "analogy" wild goose chaseWink

ACO=Assassins Creed Online??? If so how is he even TRYING to run that game with VGA split 4 way???? Why hahahah, why not single it out to ONE atleast just for gaming? Multiple Monitors for anything else??? LMAO. And with that resolution YUCKKKK. So, not putting shame on any of you and your team but; how come y'all never got his screen setup prior????

TBH i've never seen or heard of anyone doing multiple monitors of 3 or 4!!!!! Using a VGA only hookup? Do graphics cards even have 4 way VGA ports???? I want to see this guys rig lol.
Assassin`s Creed Origins. They reworked the entire game after the last 3, 4 fails.

By standard VGA is most commonly associated with 800x600 but it can support more. even up to 2048×1536
the dude had those 4:3 monitors at 1024x768. With AMDs Eyefinity you can make these 3 screens as a 3072x768 single display.

i don`t think i`ve seen any VGA able graphics card in the past 10 years.... Smile). but you can use HDMI or DisplayPort cables connected via VGA adapters to the screens.

We also didn`t get his setup due to some customer support fuckup. also who the hell has 4:3 screens these days. last year we finally got rid of them. Kinda funny to see a huge pile of them arranged in a circle

Thing is that bastard was so cheap he could not afford some decent screens.
Great clarification! And your right i forgot about crossover cables; i used to have to run a DVi-HDMI from my old rig to my flatscreen!! Crazy they just junk them, is there no reproduction use of the old screens or tear down value???

Either way, sounds like alot of *cough *cough fun! hahaha

Also, i've only played small bits of AC4, and AC1. Small bits.. Not like i'm not into amazing parkour assassinations... I just enjoyed other games more at the times these were launched, and never game them the real time of day??? How is ACO???
it`s gotten a lot better. Origins is by far the most successful of the entire AC series.
also if you want to play another good one is AC Blackflag.