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WOWOWOWOWOWOW! Where to begin guys/gals??

I'm sure the lot of you have seen all the delicious bits of info all over, and are getting as prepared as I am! What I'm mainly higly excited about is the new info released about the SOCIAL HUB, and CLAN aspects coming with this title.


Check the link out, and give it a read!!!

Thoughts on the new game??? Let's discuss #MonsterHunterWorld
During the BETA periods i was able to SOLO the Diablos, and the new monster Nergigante. Both tough but exhilarating and fun! Check out the runs on my youtube channel!

New to the streaming world, so the videos are uncut, and odd. But very much viewable and has all the good action you could hope forSmile
i`m wayting for the PC version on this and going straight for collector`s edition.
I will also be picking up a copy for my PC as well. Currently on PS4 and it's just too fun to even comprehend!!! Purchased digital deluxe! So much good content already, and to come!!!!
They truly delivered with this game. I feel like Monster Hunter World is an evolution of the Monster Hunter games. I just hope they'll continue releasing new content.
I agree fully! They revamped it just enough where weapons all feel new and familiar at the same time, the open world dynamics are amaxing; free DLC and WOW have the monsters they added so far been impressive and challenging!!! This game is gonna embark much more potential again for the MH series, and i can't WAIT!!!!!!

BTW If you need help, or another vet to hunt with add me on PS4! @Naezo777

ADD me if you play on PS4!!! @Naezo777
is it me or the hairworks looks better on PS4 than on PC? I played the beta on PS4 when it was out and got it on PC few weeks ago. It has been a long time in between so i may be trippin. too bad no collectors edition was released on PC cause i wanted it so bad.
Whaat? No deluxe edition either??? And i haven't acquired the PC version yet, as MHGU is being released on DS and SWITCH so i will most likely get that as i have World on PS4.. Otherwise how is MH on the PC? Do you use keyboard and mouse?
it has deluxe... but tbh you know how crappy deluxe content is on any game. that`s why i wanted collectors.

as for how it`s on pc. i think it`s a lot better than console when it comes to controls.it`s a lot less crammed up, a lot more precission in camera movement.

oh and it has mods! MODS!!!