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Nice! I don`t have the patience to do stuff on PS any more. too tired Tongue .
You need to work more on selecting colour palettes.

Try making a character next.
I haven't touched digital design in SOOOO long so i gotta learn to work up a bit again: and i did do a character look at my other showcase post called at it again! I traced and redrew a sticker i made back in the day. Just messing around untill i get the hang of thingsWink

Character design
Also if you have any tips on/with color palettes please LMK!Tongue
i just used a pallette generator like colorschemedesigner or color.adobe, nothing fancy.

i do remember there were some rules to help you choose like monochromatic, complementary... and a few others
Great, what made you suggest that i use more pallets anywho? I'd liek some help on any areas im going grey for sure!Wink