Full Version: PS Vita worth?
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Was kinda wondering if it's worth it to get a PS Vita?
I honestly feel like I've asked this before... but yea lol

I've been thinking about getting one, but I feel like I still dunno all the features.
Because to be honest, I'm not really feeling like I want it that much.
But, at the same time I'm pretty sure it still has plenty of games I would like and probably has a better market than PSP right?

Also if you think it's worth it to get one, can you recommend some games?

Feel special, I'm only asking you guys lol.
At this point it's not really worth it. Not many game have been made for it and very little use it's back touch pad, which was it's main feature.
Ah, i see... Thats disappointing then
The biggest reason i wanted it, was because it seemed alot of jrpgs and anime games were being released on it.
There is? If any of them look good, then getting one would be a good idea. I may look at the jrpgs myself.
I got a vita :l
Cool. What games did you get for it?
How is the vita?