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Hi there. do you guys still do save edits?
Was wondering if you guys could make a European save game With a user called Mynce
And having all the armors unlocked at the blacksmith.
Willing to donate if needed ^^

Ty in advance
We only edit save. You'll need to create the save file first then upload it here for one of the hackers to edit your save.
NP i'll upload it later today ^^
For some reason it says file entity to large when i want to uplaod it here.
so i went to 4shared.com and uploaded it there for you ^^
This forum doesn't allow uploads until you have 10 post. One of our hackers will get to it as soon as they can ^-^ Also we need to know what region it is, is it a US or EU save file?
ah ! thx for explaining.
and its a EU save file Tongue
when i first came here. you didnt need 10 posts to upload something.
so thats why i got a little confused
I think we implemented that rule in about 2011 or 2012, I can't remember the exact date. It was to help stop all the spamming. Danzel will know more details.
Still no response though :X
That is true, Danzell hasn't been on for a long time.
I dont have MHFU for EU unfortunately...
Otherwise I would totally be on this
Btw Ranos, I could do any US requests if they actually come haha
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