Full Version: Survive
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So I got bored so I decided to make a simple game which I thought would be fun to play while doing other stuff. I asked a friend to test it and here are his comments.

I wanted to create something simple, very easy to play but a "Time Waster" where you would keep going back. There is no goal other than to survive and not die. All feedback welcome!

Quote:I like the way you have to think about what your doing, You can't just click and click to progress, there's an element of thought needed which I enjoy

Quote:I like the idea of having to eat so on, as well as having to water harvests and all, It's not on most games and adds something different to the gameplay.


I plan to make a android version soon. Smile
I'll take a look when i get a better connection.
Aaaaaaite! Smile Although it doesn't require the best connection. It's not graphical.
New Version Released!

Version: 1.6.5


Full list of changes: http://survive.my-jsgames.tk/versionHistory.html

If game does not load either clear your browser cookies or in console copy & paste the following localStorage.clear();