Full Version: mhfu us version save file request!
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I would like to have a save file with at least the 1 star village elder quest cleared so that you can give it hacked felynes, please give it hack felynes that don't revert to level 17,give it all account items, stones, ores, rubies, jewels, gems, crystals x99 and max pokke points, I would do the hunting for the other mats my self, but it would be cool if you add some weapons to it, like the g rank narga gs, the g rank narga hbg, the lunastra gunlance ( the last upgrade of it) the silver rathalos gunlance ( the last upgrade too ), and you can also add 3 of each other weapon ( hammer, ls, sns, ds, lance, bow and lbg ) that you would recommend and are fully upgraded. also add silver sol z armor and Kirin g blader, and you can add any gunner armor of your recommendation. 1 female account named Hinata face type 29 voice 02, 1 male account named U.Mazino face 01 voice 05. I don't know how to hack or code, so please? this would be much appreciated
I'm sorry but we do not create saves, we only edit them. Also we only give armour and weapons to VIP members. As for the quest, it's all or none, we don't have the codes for just one rank. For the felynes, you need to get them yourself so we may edit them.
For free
basic rule: make your own save for us to edit.
For quests is all or nothing,
for items is all or nothing but you can delete whatever you want,
pokke points and other cash can be done.

For a minimum donation:
We can make the save, we can add whatever weapons/items you request.

For a more consistent donation:
We can also add and edit cats, down to the skills, and color.
also for weapons we can also customize the sockets to whatever you want.

all the money goes to server upkeep and stuff like that.

PS: you need 10 posts to upload a savefile