Full Version: Xbox One or PS4?
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I have always been a loyal Xbox fan, after my PS2 I moved on to the Xbox's and have always had one since. However with the next gen' consoles I have to admit, the PS4 is the one I'm getting. I have pre-ordered it and can't wait until it comes.

Reasons why I never got PS3

  1. Graphics - Only goes up to 720p
  2. Controllers - Tiny and very uncomfortable
  3. Online - Better online experience
I'm going to put it like this:

Xbox One - Entertainment Centre

PS4 - Gaming Console

I spend all my time on the console gaming (odd time on iPlayer) but majority of the time like I said I'm gaming hence the reason I choose PS4, I just hope the controllers are bigger or my hands get smaller! Tongue What do you guys think?
well XBOX One totally failed to nail this one. my only reason is the always online policy. which i hate the guts out of it. also game sharing. which is nonexistent almost.

also seen some fails on the launch day Smile) like an apple notebook in the showroom covered with a microsoft sticker Smile).
The design for the Xbox One is not sleek or modern, it's just a block.