Full Version: Converting MHFU[US] to MHP2G[JP]
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I've been trying to find a way to do it myself, but I couldn't.
My PSP 1001 won't go to the recovery mode for some reason, so I have no way to do it myself unless there is another way to do so that I have not heard of.
You guys are my last hope.
I need this Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [US] save file to be converted to be Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G [Japan] compatible.
i have the plugin but i don`t have the jp version i can only do it between US and EU.

the plugin is called MHSC and can convert between any region and some between different MH games like MHP1 and 2 or MHFU

in order to convert you need both versions
Since I have a JP version, I could send it to you.
Is that okay?
well that would be useless i`ll try and find one on the net. in a week or so i`m getting 4G so i won`t have traffic limit.
I am sorry for making you go through a trouble of doing so, and as always, thank you!
i would have done so earlier Smile) but trust me when you have wireless broadband internet where there is a traffic limit you tend to be like Scrooge.
I understand.
Take your time! I can wait.
i`m downloading the game now Wink
Once again, congratulations on unlimited 4G!
How long will it take approximately?
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