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Ok found an interesting website. it`s not a content website but more like a video made with flash, and you are able to interact with the video in different ways. there are some neat stuff in there waiting to be discovered (not easy to discover) i`m waiting feedback to see what you discovered Big Grin

* Script47 exclaims in shock at the fun you could have with such a simple idea! Wink
That website is built in flash...
Neon Bible... is that Arcade Fire? Tongue
yep arcade fire
Awesome. Big Grin
What's an arcade fire? :o
:blank: Lonewolf sometimes i think you were born yesterday Tongue
Google Smile) Arcade Fire is a indie rock band from Canada

* Script47 has yet to acquire such knowledge to match the standards of the administrators on this site! :p
* Clarkie thinks Lonewolf doesn't listen to much music.
* Script47 thinks Clarkie's completely right! Smile
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