Full Version: The next Monster Hunter Generation!
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It's not exactly: but it's close!!! Dragon's Dogma! VERY FUN! VERY CAPCOMSmile If anyone has it or is willing to get it i'd love to get it too and play on PS3! I have had played it at a friend sbut just bought myself a PS3 and will get it! Look up all info on it it's great PERIOD!!! And is like MH ALOT! and Not alotSmile Thanks!!!
Shame my PS3 broke. Sad If Evolse is successful and I make enough for all the Evolse stuff I'll buy a new one! :L
man all your stuff break Tongue  PS3 PSP.. what else:haha:
Lol ok it's not multiplayer but im sure the next release will be! We can shar epawns though which is pretty cool! the game itself is greatBig Grin
(07-12-2012, 03:01 PM)Danzell Wrote: [ -> ]man all your stuff break Tongue  PS3 PSP.. what else:haha:

The PS3 broke ages ago. Tongue Overheated after 3 weeks ontime. No I was not playing for 3 straight weeks!
hmm does this game have a good storyline? think you can give any hints as to how much exploring you can do, for example free world or stuff like that?
It's very FREE you could roam high levels and get stomped if your not prepared! And choose your own quests paths, and cause and effect varies on choices. You can upgrade weapons, armor, skills, It's very fun! Although I don't play anymoreSad