Full Version: Java, C or C++
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I need to know which language to learn, I want to do something productive with the time I have, so I was wondering if you could tell me the pros and cons of these languages, what can you do with them, what type of language is it, I don't want to do anything very hard, I just want something to pass time and some thing that is easy and fun at the same time. Hopefully you can share any past experience you have, can you supply me with all the information I need, also any related websites would be helpful and If I need any certain editors. Much appreciated! Thanks! Smile
If you want to get into the mobile world (where you can make some nice money Wink) you have 2 choices. Java (Android) or Objective C (iOS). Unless you have a Mac then Java it is!
I want to base it around computer software andĀ application.
One of the C languages for Windows. Objective C for all things Mac.
I want to be be able to make good useful programs and hopefully small 2D and 3D games in the long and distant future! Smile
to be honest i haven`t created any code at all i just tend to fiddle with an already existing one and change it to see different effects or suit my needs, mostly with html, php, css (or how i call them "webpage languages")
C++ is good for applications but if you want to go for games i`d say java.

i think Ac3xx has more things to say than me Tongue

here`s a site that compares the 2.
Web Languages will do Danzell. Tongue
Thanks a lot guys for the replies, keep them coming please, I need all the information for the future! Smile
I say you should start out with Java first. In my opinion, it is the easiest coding language you could learn, and it opens many doors to to the other coding languages.
Woah now we have the opposite opinion! Big Grin Clearly it's all down to the individual.
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