Full Version: Most Awkward Moments
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Basically all you have to do is write the most awkward moment you could be in and hopefully we can start to make a list, these can be made up or can be personal past, it can be absolutely anything. The one I thought was, having a conversation with some one then getting there name wrong, and the awkward silence after they correct you! Wink
Coming into this thread and realising I had to come up with something. Tongue
Haha, quick make something up!Wink
The akward moment when, as a waiter, you knock over a peroni glass and then realise it's the one glass tall enough to take the beer right into the customer's lap!
Haha! Wink
I experienced something similar to Clarkie`s story except i had 100 empty red wine glasses on a wheeled table and all of them fell off because the automated door to the restaurant closed too soon.
Oh, that must be very awkward! Wink
Ouch, I've only smashed 1 glass and knocked over that Peroni into someone's lap working at the local pub. xD
My moment seems hopeless and pointless on this list compared to Danzell's! Wink
Yeah mine too. :L
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