Full Version: How To Request (Upload) A Save
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Think this will help new peoples Smile

-Plug in your PSP to your computer via USB
-Go to USB connection on your PSP
-Go to your PSP files on your computer
-Go to PSP folder, then to SAVEDATA folder
-Find ULUS10391 for US or ULES01213 for EU
-right click it, and do send to> compressed(zipped) folder
-make a post and upload the file onto this site
-make 10 non spam posts on the site
-Clarkie/other hackers will hack the save when they can
-Rep the person that hacked your save
-stay around and chat with us Big Grin
-make me a sandwich...er wait never mind this last step

or do we already have a guide like this?
Might wanna make this one special or something Big Grin
We did have some thing like this but I'm not sure where it went.
Thanks for posting this. I can't remember where my old thread went.
ah ok
I was kinda wondering why it wasn't there lol
so I took the liberty of making it(again)
nice rule to make 10 non spam posts, but i have nothing really to talk about, other than animes or games Big Grin anyone keen for a chat?
We have lots of topics for you to post on. ^-^
How do I get it from a file into a like..link?
this is was possible in case you would have read it before making the thread about it Tongue
Check your thread i posted in there how to do it